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October 2014
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muschan [userpic]

Got myself addicted into watching bookhaul videos on the tube. Can't stop myself from clicking from one video to another. Craving to buy and read all those books. Keep myself wondering how on earth those booktubers manage to buy all those books. I mean, they must have lots of money. From where I'm coming from, books are expensive and we don't have lots of option. Sometimes, we only got ugly cover or paper back books only. Hard covers are really hard to come by. Well, at least I have some fun watching other people having fun unboxing their boxes of books. Jealousy is included though.

On another note, I haven't watch any jdramas for the last 2 seasons. Maybe this season I'll watch Mozu and Alice no toge. Mozu has lots of good review. I want to give it a try. Plus it has Hidetoshi Nishijima...