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October 2014
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muschan [userpic]
VS Arashi in my country

VS Arashi starts airing today at 8tv in the one and only Japanese slot on our local tv. I wasn't expecting a new episode of VS and I was right. I didn't know what number of the episode but Troublemaker was played during the ending. Well, it doesn't really matter because watching Arashi on our local tv is like impossible before. I'm glad and happy enough.

The channel was nice enough to let the program aired without dubbing it. But they only subbed into Malay bits here and there. Maybe the translator was translating it from Chinese translation earlier hence the subs are not perfect. But, the most ridiculous was they translated the members' name wrongly. For example Matsumoto became Matsuda and Ninomiya became Minomi. Who is that?! I didn't even know how to react. It was a 'facepalm' moment when I watched it just now.

This could be a first step to a lot more Japanese program on our local tv. I'm not keeping a high hope but it's not wrong to keep on hoping, right.