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October 2014
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muschan [userpic]
Damakano, Damajo etc

You are leading a low key life when you have no solo works. It's hard to find your news. No pictures on a magazine, no articles, let alone solo appearance on tv programs. Not even a little. And you let the others shine.

But after 5 years without a movie. Boom! You are promoting a new movie like there is no tomorrow. Your face is everywhere. You are on the cover of every magazines. You made an appearance on program shows everyday. From Tokyo to Osaka, you've been promoting. Getting the least sleep for only 2 or 3 hours a day. I can see in your eyes, they are very tired. I'm sure without all the make-up they would look like panda eyes. But as you said this is an important time, both your movie and preparations for concert tour. Not that I'm complaining because I know that you are very conscious about your health. But please, eat more than what you are eating right now. You are getting skinny.

Today is the day, DamaKano will be screened. I wish that people will be flocking to the cinemas to watch. Meanwhile I have to wait for about a year to watch it with sub. I just have to wait for the programs that you appeared to be subbed too. Like Hanamaru Cafe, Shabekuri 007,Tokio kakeru and the drama SP (Hajimari no Uta). I hope the wait won't be too long. Dear subbing communities, please don't wait until his next birthday to release them.