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October 2014
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muschan [userpic]

IMO this season has a lot of good dramas. After watching their 1st episodes, I decided to continue watching some of them. Those that has capture my interest are:

1) Galileo 2 (I watched the first season and SP:episode zero and loved it. I've watched all 3 episodes from this season but I still miss Utsumi san. I still can't stand the presence of Yoshitaka Yuriko in this. But I have to drag myself to watch mainly because of Yukawa sensei.)

2) Itazura na kiss : Love in Tokyo ( Because I read good reviews about this dramas. So, why not?! And I didn't watch the other versions of this live action. So, I don't have to compare them and enjoy the show.)

3) Last Cinderella ( This drama is full of b*d scene right from the start. I don't know why I still continue watching. Not because of the story or Ryoko or Miura. Maybe because of Fujiki? emm, maybe.lol.)

4) Sennyu Tantei Tokage ( Always has this feeling to know more about Tokage's past. Get a chance to hear Shota spoke in English in episode 2. Some of the action scene are laughable but the undercover stories are nice. So, I just hope the subber will continue subbing it till last episode.)

I watched Kasuka na Kanojo's and Otenki Onee-san's 1st episodes but decided not to pursue further. Some people might like them. I don't continue watching not because there are bad. There are just not my cup of tea I guess.