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October 2014
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muschan [userpic]
Any news is good

The lack of news from J is killing me. The last time I heard about him was during the time he went to Paris and London. And it was from tumblr, someone translated his transcript from 'Enjoy' if I'm not mistaken. The reason of him doing the little Europe tour maybe, he was taking his time off for a holiday. I don't know much about the trip. And there were few rumours but I don't take any of that into account. I only take what was valid.

I just hope he is preparing for a  new solo project. I would love if it is a butai or a movie but not a drama. Maybe the next season's drama slot is for Nino or Ohno. But then, it is going to be summer soon and they will be busy with 24 hr tv. And maybe concert tour will follow suit. With the rest of the member is getting their own new tv show as main MC, as for J he seems really quiet.

I'm not really concern about popularity. And I don't think J is bothered by that either. I'm just worried if he will take this chance to focus more on directing or something that is behind the screen. For example involving himself in production wise or something like that. Well it's not a bad thing, because I know that's what intrigue him the most. But, I just can't imagine him not being on stage and disappearing from limelight. I certainly don't want that to happen.