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Baby, tell me why?

I've been repeating this song for 3 times now. My fav song from the album Digitalian. The rhythm just stuck in my head. Ohno's part and the chorus just hit me. Even though I'm not a fan of any rap part in songs, but I think it's sounds appropriate in this. And btw, that's what Arashi flavor is right?

Other than the above song, I also like Zero-G after their M-ste performance. One step, Wonderful and One Step makes me grooving. I'm curious how their upcoming concert will turn out. I bet it's going to be fun and different than before.

For the member's single I like Stay Gold and Hey Yeah!

P/s: Tell me why is playing again in the background. Haha...

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Got myself addicted into watching bookhaul videos on the tube. Can't stop myself from clicking from one video to another. Craving to buy and read all those books. Keep myself wondering how on earth those booktubers manage to buy all those books. I mean, they must have lots of money. From where I'm coming from, books are expensive and we don't have lots of option. Sometimes, we only got ugly cover or paper back books only. Hard covers are really hard to come by. Well, at least I have some fun watching other people having fun unboxing their boxes of books. Jealousy is included though.

On another note, I haven't watch any jdramas for the last 2 seasons. Maybe this season I'll watch Mozu and Alice no toge. Mozu has lots of good review. I want to give it a try. Plus it has Hidetoshi Nishijima...


VS Arashi starts airing today at 8tv in the one and only Japanese slot on our local tv. I wasn't expecting a new episode of VS and I was right. I didn't know what number of the episode but Troublemaker was played during the ending. Well, it doesn't really matter because watching Arashi on our local tv is like impossible before. I'm glad and happy enough.

The channel was nice enough to let the program aired without dubbing it. But they only subbed into Malay bits here and there. Maybe the translator was translating it from Chinese translation earlier hence the subs are not perfect. But, the most ridiculous was they translated the members' name wrongly. For example Matsumoto became Matsuda and Ninomiya became Minomi. Who is that?! I didn't even know how to react. It was a 'facepalm' moment when I watched it just now.

This could be a first step to a lot more Japanese program on our local tv. I'm not keeping a high hope but it's not wrong to keep on hoping, right.

This is bad! Everyone is getting super excited. It has leaked. It will keep on flooding my dashboard from now on. Sigh! Just keep it to yourself, don't go and spread them. Oh my, don't let us all receive the punishment.

Because this is very bad. Please behave yourself.


You are leading a low key life when you have no solo works. It's hard to find your news. No pictures on a magazine, no articles, let alone solo appearance on tv programs. Not even a little. And you let the others shine.

But after 5 years without a movie. Boom! You are promoting a new movie like there is no tomorrow. Your face is everywhere. You are on the cover of every magazines. You made an appearance on program shows everyday. From Tokyo to Osaka, you've been promoting. Getting the least sleep for only 2 or 3 hours a day. I can see in your eyes, they are very tired. I'm sure without all the make-up they would look like panda eyes. But as you said this is an important time, both your movie and preparations for concert tour. Not that I'm complaining because I know that you are very conscious about your health. But please, eat more than what you are eating right now. You are getting skinny.

Today is the day, DamaKano will be screened. I wish that people will be flocking to the cinemas to watch. Meanwhile I have to wait for about a year to watch it with sub. I just have to wait for the programs that you appeared to be subbed too. Like Hanamaru Cafe, Shabekuri 007,Tokio kakeru and the drama SP (Hajimari no Uta). I hope the wait won't be too long. Dear subbing communities, please don't wait until his next birthday to release them.


10 Reasons to Love J

Source:Niea Triestine@youtube


The lack of news from J is killing me. The last time I heard about him was during the time he went to Paris and London. And it was from tumblr, someone translated his transcript from 'Enjoy' if I'm not mistaken. The reason of him doing the little Europe tour maybe, he was taking his time off for a holiday. I don't know much about the trip. And there were few rumours but I don't take any of that into account. I only take what was valid.

I just hope he is preparing for a  new solo project. I would love if it is a butai or a movie but not a drama. Maybe the next season's drama slot is for Nino or Ohno. But then, it is going to be summer soon and they will be busy with 24 hr tv. And maybe concert tour will follow suit. With the rest of the member is getting their own new tv show as main MC, as for J he seems really quiet.

I'm not really concern about popularity. And I don't think J is bothered by that either. I'm just worried if he will take this chance to focus more on directing or something that is behind the screen. For example involving himself in production wise or something like that. Well it's not a bad thing, because I know that's what intrigue him the most. But, I just can't imagine him not being on stage and disappearing from limelight. I certainly don't want that to happen.

IMO this season has a lot of good dramas. After watching their 1st episodes, I decided to continue watching some of them. Those that has capture my interest are:

1) Galileo 2 (I watched the first season and SP:episode zero and loved it. I've watched all 3 episodes from this season but I still miss Utsumi san. I still can't stand the presence of Yoshitaka Yuriko in this. But I have to drag myself to watch mainly because of Yukawa sensei.)

2) Itazura na kiss : Love in Tokyo ( Because I read good reviews about this dramas. So, why not?! And I didn't watch the other versions of this live action. So, I don't have to compare them and enjoy the show.)

3) Last Cinderella ( This drama is full of b*d scene right from the start. I don't know why I still continue watching. Not because of the story or Ryoko or Miura. Maybe because of Fujiki? emm, maybe.lol.)

4) Sennyu Tantei Tokage ( Always has this feeling to know more about Tokage's past. Get a chance to hear Shota spoke in English in episode 2. Some of the action scene are laughable but the undercover stories are nice. So, I just hope the subber will continue subbing it till last episode.)

I watched Kasuka na Kanojo's and Otenki Onee-san's 1st episodes but decided not to pursue further. Some people might like them. I don't continue watching not because there are bad. There are just not my cup of tea I guess.



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Looks like cotton candy from afar. So pretty.

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